BG2011: Wood cabins and chipmunks

As those of you who check this blog regularly (hi mum!) may know, I haven’t written anything since the American Society of Human Genetics conference at the end of last year. I tend to only really write posts here during conferences, when I try make daily blog posts about the talks I attend. In that vein, starting tomorrow is the Biology of Genomes meeting at Cold Spring Harbour; a major annual genomics meeting that marks the start of the conference cycle. I am here with fellow GNZer Daniel MacArthur, and hopefully both of us will get some content out, be it here, at Daniel’s Wired blog, at Genomes Unzipped, or on our respective twitter feeds.

The Biology of Genomes meeting can be somewhat difficult to navigate for a blogger and tweeter. There has been some controversy about the extent to which scientists can write about the conference via social media platforms, and I have no interest in pissing people off, so we will have to see what I can and cannot write about. I hope to put together posts about talks where the speakers specifically allow blogging coverage.

One thing I can write about is the laboritory itself. Me and Daniel are staying in a bizarrely picturesque little wood cabin in the woods on the Cold Spring Harbour Lab site:

CSHL is full of interesting wildlife, such like geese and swans, along with squirrels and a host of birds. As a European, one of the most exciting aspects is the presence of Eastern Chipmunks, which hang around in the woods around the cabins, looking cute but very slightly like they are planning something:

The contrast between my experiences this year and last is stark. This year, I have already had a good flight, a pretty wood cabin and an unexpected wine and cheese party and poster session with a group of honeybee scientists. Last year, I had an airway full of ash clouds, a dingy motel on a busy road, and a rickey old school bus with dodgy seatbelts and a tendency to violently launch you into the air at every bump. So all bodes well so far.

The cabi image is actually from Hugh Robertson’s website, and the chipmunk is from Wikipedia.

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  1. chipmunks!

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