BoG2012: The long climb

Today is the first day of the 2012 Biology of Genomes conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories in New York. This is a fun conference as it has talks from across the range of genome biology, moving from human disease genetics to evolutionary genetics to animal genetics to functional genetics. As usual, I will attempt to write a daily blog posts about what I find interesting that day. I will also be attempting (presenters and the small god of the wifi router willing) to tweet interesting tidbits from the talks – you can follow me at @lukejostins. More coverage can be read using the hashtag #BoG12.

I am lucky enough to be staying on site again this year, rather than having to endure the daily death-defying suspensionless bus ride from one of the satellite hotels. However, the cabin that I have been put in this year breaks my current record for the longest climb from lecture theater to front door:

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2 Responses to BoG2012: The long climb

  1. That video reminds me of Myst. Did you solve any puzzles on the way?

  2. Only the puzzle that is THE HUMAN GENOME

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