Some updates

A few updates about blogging and my career, for everyone who reads this blog to keep up with my news (hey mum!).

The big paper

Out this week in Nature is our new big paper on the genetics of inflammatory bowel disease. We genotyped over 75 thousand individuals and discovered 71 new loci and god am I sick of writing this sentence. In what may seem like slightly desperate behaviour, I have posted four different bits of writing on four different websites (five if you include this post) following up on this paper. You can read my general thoughts on the Sanger Institute website, what I think this publication means for the biology of IBD on the International IBD Genetics Consortium’s website, what I think these loci do (or do not) mean for genetic risk prediction at Genomes Unzipped, and some thoughts on how we went about visualising the results on my team’s website.

In my defense this is the Big Paper from my PhD, and is probably the most significant marker of what I have managed to get done over the last four years, so I do have plenty of things to say on the subject!

My PhD and beyond

Speaking of which, I recently submitted my PhD, and will be having my viva just before Christmas. The Wellcome Trust have very generously given me a grant to spend the next four years developing and applying some new methodology for cross-trait analysis (i.e. for doing GWAS across different phenotypes). I will be based at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at Oxford University, which I am pretty excited about because it is the powerhouse for GWAS statistics in the UK, if not the world. I will still be spending plenty of time at the Sanger Institute, though, as many of the datasets that I have been helping put together (and that I plan to analyse with my new methodologies) are currently coming online here. I’ll also be spending time outside of the UK, working in Boston on the US East Coast. For someone who has never spent more than 2 weeks more than 50 miles from where I was born, this is actually a pretty big deal.

Obviously I’ll be keeping up with my blogging, and will hopefully get back to my twitter account that has sat somewhat idle for the last few months. I’ll also have some new science communications projects coming online in the near future, so watch this space.

ASHG 2012

Finally, on Monday I am going to San Francisco for the American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting. As always, I am going to be blogging the conference, and trying to say something of interest for each day I am there. For all the other human genetics peeps, hope to see you there!

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2 Responses to Some updates

  1. Razib Khan (@razibkhan)

    For someone who has never spent more than 2 weeks more than 50 miles from where I was born, this is actually a pretty big deal.

    hm. well, not that big of a deal if you are from the UK, no? ’tis a small country indeed!

    i shall be at ASHG starting wed. feel free to say hi, i assume we’ll run into each other at dr. joe pickrell’s wed. session.

  2. I am poorly traveled even by UK standards – a canonical Soft Southerner who has never left the South-East. Then again a lot of UK scientists spend most of their life on the Oxford-London-Cambridge triangle, so its not that unusual.

    A hi in SF sounds good, see you there.

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